Article Round-Up

Sorry for the silence for the last few weeks.  The election took a lot out of me and I did nothing for a little while but go to work.  I’ve been in a funk since then, knitting less, reading a bit more, still watching too much TV.  But we’ve passed Thanksgiving and are nearly into December, so I figured it’s a good time to get back to this, and ease into it with an article round-up.

If you’re anything like me, you binged The Crown when it premiered on Netflix.One episode addressed the Great Smog of London of 1952.  Chinese researchers maybe cracking what happened in London, while researching their own issue.

Weird Wikipedia pages, including past subject Stedhal syndrome, the related Paris syndrome, and some other interesting sounding pages.  (The poisonous plants one reminds meof A is for Arsenic, which I’d recommend reading if that sort of thing interests you.)

Faberge Eggs!

“Remembering Wounded Knee at Standing Rock”

“The Moscone-Milk Anniversary – and Legacy”,
8-years old but important

All the American Experience films you can watch online.  I still
need to watch the new one on Tesla!


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