Article Round-Up

Happy almost Election Day!  I can’t wait for this joke to be over…  If I can find something in my closet, I plan on wearing some white tomorrow (#wearwhitetovote), if not I’ll wear green and purple.  I cast my vote early a couple weeks ago and have just been sitting back waiting for election day since then.

I have a lot of links for you today.  I tried to find interesting stuff about Presidents and candidates and voting, but then I also have non-political links that are just neat.

Today we have Hillary, but in the 1870s we had Victoria Woodhull.
(I really recommend The Scarlet Sisters about Victoria and her sister.)

Presidential sex scandals are basically as old as the presidency.

Introverted Presidents?

While we’re all concerned with Donald Trump’s health and what Hillary Clinton’scough really signifies, let’s all just remember Grover Cleveland.

Back in September a confusing mammoth skull was found…

The Gilded Age is known for excess, but just look at these gardens!

“Block Printed Cottons in the Georgian Era”

World War I in real time, 100 years later

Now, go vote tomorrow!


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