Article Round-Up

Another way too long break, but at least I have some articles to share!

“How Women Have Used Fashion As A Feminist

Tool Throughout History”

An article about pineapples from Mount Vernon
(last week there was an episode about pineapples
from Stuff You Missed In History)

“How has underwear shaped women’s lives?”

Now that we’re in the lenten season, it doesn’t seem
out of place to post about the Easter Bunny.

“The Secret History of the Girl Detective”

Sketches of mid-century fashion

“Conservation of a Victorian flying machine”

“When High-Class Ladies Wore Masks That Made It
Impossible to Speak”

If you’re not familiar with M.T. Anderson’s books, 1) you
should be, and 2) you can watch a book trailer for his newest book
and hopefully become interested in his books.


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