Article Round-Up

I was hoping to have a full post this week but work’s just been too much and I don’t want to do anything when I get home.  If you’re interested though, you can see a few of the things I’ve created for my job here, then clicking on Civil Liberties or Women in Ohio and finding Frances Dana Gage, Women in Ohio for Annette Cronise Lutes, and African Americans for the Gist Settlements.  These are all educational resources I helped create and are vaguely like what I do here.  It’s a really good resource for a quick overview on any number of topics.  (As of this writing I see that Frances Dana Gage’s name is spelled wrong and I’ll be letting them know right now!)

When history and science meet (Katherine Johnson
was featured on an episode of Timeless!)

The Petticoat Revolution in Oregon

A short biography of Queen Victoria (I’m reading

We Two by Gillian Gill right now, about Victoria and Albert.)

New information about Anne Frank

“A Victorian Lady’s Christmas Gift Guide”

Looking lovely in red in the Victorian era

I shared this on Facebook the other day, but it bears sharing here too.
This is a really fascinating case, looking at the different ways different
people can interpret history and how that can lead to misinformation.  Make
sure to click through to see the original piece from the New York Times,
as well as the response by Monica Green.  It’s really interesting.

I will be gone for the majority of the next week, so there won’t be a new post next Monday.  I’m not sure yet if there will be on the 2nd, or if it will have to wait until the 9th.  But at any rate, I hope you have a wonderful whatever holiday you celebrate at this time of year, and have a very happy new year!


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