Happy Halloween!

I was planning on doing a Halloween related post today but came up short.  None of the ideas I had seemed right, though, and I didn’t want to do a topic that had been done to death.  I finally settled on trick-or-treating, but even with that, I realized there wasn’t different enough information anywhere to warrant me doing a new post of my own.  Instead I’m doing another article post, but with some of the fun Halloween-y stuff I’ve found in the last week or so.  Happy Halloween!

“Why are pumpkins used at Halloween?”

Halloween used to include way more games, and weirder ones at that.

Bobbing for apples was originally romantic and had way more symbolism.

“The New Woman meets the old witch”

Historical Horror Films

“Why Can’t Ghosts Let Go of the Victorian Era?”

Disney’s 1929 Halloween Skeleton-Dance short


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