Something new: Article round-up.

We’re going to try something different going forward for a while.  Rather than trying to scramble and research and put together a post every week, I’m going to switch to every other week for new posts.  But!  I’m still going to have a new post every week, but the in-between weeks will be a sort of article round up of things I’ve read or found interesting this past week.

Coloring pages from the Smithsonian!

Annie Edson Taylor and Niagara Falls.  (Bonus: Taylor makes an appearance in Murdoch Mysteries, season 7, episode 1, “Murdoch Ahoy“.)

Tuberculosis and Victorian fashion.

And what Victorians meant with certain flowers.

World War I Belgian lace and why it’s in the US.

Wedding cakes through time!

How light damages textiles.

Man, Hispano Suizas were great looking.

Since the Olympics just ended, a little rowing history.

Until next week!


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